12% of fat   Leave a comment

How much do you have?



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Star Wars Day   Leave a comment

It’s Star Wars Day !!!


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hug-an-australian   Leave a comment

This is Patricia Carla with Michelle Jenneke.


womens-day   Leave a comment

March 08 is the Women’s Day, let’s lift !!!


Johnny Cash   Leave a comment

Today is Johnny Cash birthday !!! Walk on the line, guys !


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biggest english breakfast challenge   Leave a comment

Challenge accepted !

Please, make this reach Furious Pete.


The original footage is here:

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making the abs   Leave a comment

This is how to make a good abs: hard work, discipline, healthy food and (orcourse) a lot of cardio.


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to have this abs 2   Leave a comment


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to have this abs 1   Leave a comment


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Patricia Carla 12   Leave a comment


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